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My name is Lizzy. I’m 18 years old and recently finished High School. I love writing and I love to share special moments with the world. Inspiration is the most important thing for me as it is often the only thing that makes me keep up a stiff upper lip. I can be inspired by nearly everything: movies, books, people, nature. I love travelling and my most important goal is to visit every continent at least once.

„No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.“


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      • The American Dream can happen in any country. It’s a state of mind. It’s more about believing in what you can achieve and what the possibilities are. Some places allow you a bit more breathing room to try certain things, but in places like America, it can also leave you more vulnerable if you do fail.

        Many people achieve their „American“ dreams in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, and other places. Don’t narrow yourself to the States. The streets aren’t paved with gold here. They are paved with sweat.

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      • I think you are one oft the wisest persons I have ever talked to …
        Well, I completely agree with you but to be honest I don’t want to spend my entire life in this small town in the middle of nowehere with people thinking only about their breeding animals their farmwork and a McDonalds placed directly next to a meadow with cows…
        Do you know what I man?
        I always dreamed of the big cities and the big buisness
        I do know that I won’t have the world at my feet but I am willing to „sweat“ for my dream
        Sorry for my english – still practicing

        Gefällt mir

      • Don’t apologize for your English. The fact that you know at least two languages is impressive enough.

        Thank you for calling me wise. I wouldn’t say I am wise. I am just 23 years more experienced because I was in the same position you were in. I was that young woman who wanted more than what my hometown offered me. I ended up joining the military to get out and ended up going from America to England. That was a very risky move, and a decision that has to be taken very soberly and carefully. It worked out in the end because it did pay for my bachelor’s, but it did age me beyond my years.

        I would go the education and work route myself.

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